Rapid Weight Loss Programs

People who want to lose  weight  quickly often look at a lot of rapid  weight   loss   programs , and all sorts of other ways, to help them to achieve their goals. Sometimes it even seems worthwhile trying something that is not safe, may not be healthy, or that may even be a potential risk to their … Continue reading “Rapid Weight Loss Programs”

People who want to lose  weight  quickly often look at a lot of rapid  weight   loss   programs , and all sorts of other ways, to help them to achieve their goals.

Sometimes it even seems worthwhile trying something that is not safe, may not be healthy, or that may even be a potential risk to their health.

When people get to this point then it’s time to step back a little and to get things into perspective.

Losing a few pounds or kilos on your weight scales can be achieved quickly.

It can also be achieved Safely.

Unhealthy  weight   loss  does not last.

By unhealthy  weight   loss  I am talking about using diuretic tablets to get fluids down, or by starvation diets, or purging  programs  to clear the bowel. While these things can make a difference on the scales, they are not going to help you reach your real goals of less body fat and a better body shape.

What happens with any rapid  weight   loss   program  like that is that the  weight  coming off is the water that your body need to function properly, or the healthy fats that are inside your chest cavity and that you cannot even see, or it is emptying the bowel and because of that the weight will be replaced the next time you have a decent meal.

In extreme cases starvation  weight   loss  comes by your body eating your own healthy muscle tissue.

If you want to lose the weight that makes you look overweight then your aim should be to lose cellulites, the stored unnecessary fat that is around your waist, your hips and your thighs.

How do you do that?

You start by recruiting your body to work with you rather than against you!

What do I mean by this?

If your metabolism is low then your body believes you are starving and will work to gather food and store fat to protect you. In that case whatever program you undertake is doomed to fail, unless you get your metabolism up and running again.

If your metabolism is strong then your body will relax and will not want to be carrying the extra 5, 10, 20, 30 pounds or kilos that it has stored up and it will work with you to actively reduce the weight.

Weigh  loss  is easy if your body is working with you and extremely hard if you are fighting against your body for every tiny drop in  weight .

Having a rapid  weight   loss   program  that gets your body working with you, and getting your metabolism to a healthy level, is not hard. It really only requires you to be giving your body everything in needs on a daily basis to feed your muscles, your vital organs and to support body function at a cellular level.

This means the foundation of an effective rapid  weight   loss   program  is good nutrition. If you can begin the process of losing weight with enough nutrition, in a form that you body can use it, and still keep the calories you are eating under control then you can lose weight, feel great, and increase your energy, all at the same time.

Ideally, you can do all this and still eat the foods you love.

Start with the basics and get the nutrition right and your rapid  weight   loss   program  can give you everything you are looking for.

There are a number of ways to get the nutrition right but scientific studies are now telling us that with the deficiencies in the food we can buy in our supermarkets there is a need for supplements to add into our diet.

If you chose to use a protein shake with some tablet supplements as the foundation of your rapid  weight   loss   program  then you have the best chance of getting the nutrition right.

This will let you raise your metabolic rate, increase energy and feel great as you trim down.

Surgical Weight Loss – Weight Loss Program for Men

Chances are that you are at this point because your doctor has recommended that you consider a Stomach Bypass Surgery. This is a fat loss program that once you start there is no going back. This is program to lose weight can not be looked at as a magic bullet that will guarantee success. Surgical weight loss programs for men can only be successful if you totally commit to three major factors.


The diet is very restrictive and forces you to only eat a few ounces of food at a time. Protein is usually the first and only food that you will be able to stomach. Making the stomach into a small pouch guarantees that you will have to train your body to eat and eat many times a day on a specific schedule. Surgical weight loss is the reinforcement tool that makes sure you stay with building a new relationship with food and your ongoing weight loss program.

Exercise and Fitness

Your final weight is not determined by just having the surgery for weight loss but also making sure you start a daily exercise program. Walking, when it is done at a two-mile distance no matter how fast, helps preserve the body’s muscle, burns the fat that you want to lose, and guarantees that you will end up with a thinner body with that trim and toned look. “NASA” has found that the best exercise is walking at a 2 mile distance to activate your metabolism daily at Earth’s gravity. Doing this for a year can lead to 100 lbs. of fat loss as well as gaining 40 lbs. of muscle, according to Richard Betcher, M.D., who is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School and is the founder of Tempus Surgical Weight Reduction.

Making the Time

Taking this step means that you have dedicated the time for the procedure but now you must also continue that dedication in the follow through. This third and final factor is the most important to commit to. There probably have been many times in the past that for one excuse or another you have failed to make time for yourself. In fact your surgery for fat loss might be the biggest investment in yourself that you have ever made. This can not be all that you do for yourself. This is a tool that implores you to continue the process of training yourself to eat well and exercise on a regular basis.

No matter what the reason that you are looking at surgical procedures as an option, you must understand that as with anything else success depends on your actions solely. Surgical weight loss programs are a very effective tool. Your success will be based on how effectively you use it.

How to Select a Weight Loss Program

Many people lose  weight  by themselves and then there are those who need the help of a more organized  Weight   Loss   Program . Before starting off with any program I have complied a list of question to ask so that you would know that this is the best possible one for yourself or not. The reason why I am referring to this is that there is a healthy percentage of people who involve themselves in grave  Weight   Loss   Program  and agonizing Diet Plan which is very harmful for their heart as well. In order to avoid such anomalies let me give you a list of question you need to ask

Question # 1:

The first question you need to ask is weather it is providing the counseling regarding changing your eating habit not just for the course of the program but throughout your life there onwards. Besides changing your eating habit it should also help you bring positive and active change to your life style to increase your physical activities lack of which has resulted in your bulkiness.

Question # 2:

Yet another important question about the Diet Plan within the  Weight   Loss   Program  is that weather the food options are flexible or not. Doest yours gives you Diet options in accordance with your likes and dislikes or life style. Most of the time what happens is within our daily diet all we need to do is to decrease the amount of a few things which are contributing a lot to the fats increase and we won’t have to change much. Therefore, a professional Dietician could look after this in a much professional way.

Question # 3:

The next question to ask before joining a program is weather the staff involved comprises of Professional Doctors, Dieticians, Nurses, Physiologists and Exercise Specialists? The presence of professional doctors will ensure that you will be checked up for any prior diseases and incase of any your will be handled accordingly and if there is no previous disease then your treatment would be held differently. Now if you are part of it which has professional Dieticians he will go through your medical history and after proper examination will suggest how you are to go about the Diet Plan. Now a lot of them I have seen lack these two major elements. The staff has no idea about the Medical Condition of the patient and as soon as you register for the  Weight   Loss   Program  you are subjected a routine program which they have in place for every patient. However, every person has different condition and should be treated in accordance to that.

Question # 4:

A very important question to ask is weather it is going to provide you a long term strategy to deal with any stress or pressure you might feel in future? You will never physically remain part of the program as there is a period involved once that period is over what will happen then? Will you be able to carry on with all the required activities then onwards? This program should answer to this crucial question.

Well these are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before joining any  Weight   Loss   Programs .

Fasting and a Better Weight Loss Program

Fasting is not new. In fact, Indian, Asian, and Middle-Eastern mystics have used fasting as a means to connect with higher levels of consciousness for millennia. There is just something about going without food or drink that strips the soul bare and enables the powerful intellect of man to rid itself of most of the distractions that get in the way of realizing eternal truths. This all sounds pretty heavy and heady and it is. However, for practical purposes, fasting actually leads to a better  weight   loss   program  We are not proposing fasting as the main way of losing  weight . That would be irresponsible, if not outright dangerous. Instead, we are proposing that used in conjunction with a sensible diet and  weight   loss  regimen, fasting can help boost the effect of your  weight-loss   program . Moreover, fasting can help dieters clear mental hurdles that get in the way of them fully committing to their  weight   loss  regimen. Indeed, in the battle between mind and body, fasting is a great technique that bridges the body and mind to help the mind take full control.

Mind over body

There is no better way to tell your body that you are its boss than through controlled and regulated fasting. Why do you need to tell your body that you are its master? Well, for the most part, the main reason you are reading this article is because you have a tough time keeping your weight in check. In other words, you have a tough time controlling your body. Appetite is a function of the body. Hunger is, in large part, a signal from your body. When you fast, you make a commitment to keep your body in check. It is a brute force method, but it is effective. Fasting communicates to the body that regardless of whatever signals the body sends to the brain regarding hunger, your mind is still in control. By refusing to give in to the body’s signals, your mind actually acts to re-balance your body. This is one of the cornerstone benefits of fasting. Let’s face it, many of us have out of control appetites. If we see something that looks yummy, we have to take a bite. When a certain time of the day comes, we need to eat, regardless of what we are doing. If you live like this for quite an extended period of time, you slowly realize that your stomach is controlling you. The more you let your stomach win out, the less power you have over your impulses.

Responsible fasting

If you have decided to go on a fast to effect a better  weight   loss  system, you have to be responsible about it. This means you must not put your health in jeopardy. Consult with your doctor first. Prepare lots of juices and nutritious fluids. Don’t jump into your fast whole hog. Ease into it. Make adjustments. Remember, real  weight   loss  is a marathon, not a sprint. Fast nice and easy. Don’t rush into it and always feel free to end your fast the moment it becomes uncomfortable.

The Christian Weight Loss Program – Can It Work?

Do  weight   loss  and religion go together? A Christian  weight   loss   program  would say yes, adding that constant prayer and reflection will help you lose pounds in no time. Christian  weight   loss  groups are gaining popularity in America, but naturally, there are also opposing groups. Will religion actually help you lose weight? Read on to find out.

About obesity

The root of all these is simply to find a cure for obesity. Obesity is a disease caused by too much fat in the body. The condition is measured through your body mass index (BMI), or the proportion of your weight to your height. This year, as much as 64% of adult Americans are suffering from obesity. Of this, a large portion is considered morbidly obese. Morbid obesity is an extreme form of obesity, characterized by over 100 lbs of excess weight and a BMI of over 40.

Finding a cure

If left uncured, obesity can lead to serious complications like heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. It also causes motor problems like difficulty in breathing and walking. Because of these risks, Americans are constantly coming up with ways to lose weight. According to reports, they collectively spend as much as $56 billion every year on  weight   loss  methods. These include diet pills, programs, exercise, and surgery. The goal of many Americans is to find the quickest, easiest, and painless method of losing weight. However, this method is often ineffective and sometimes even harmful.

Leaving it to faith

Because of all the hype on losing  weight , some groups have decided to put up a Christian  weight   loss   program , emphasizing the need to maintain a healthy body by adhering to religious principles. The Christian  weight   loss   program  lives by the slogan “What would Jesus eat?” It basically means that Jesus’ lifestyle should be the inspiration for healthy living.

Like any other program

A Christian  weight   loss   program  is like any other diet program. It requires you to exercise, adopt diet menus, and other forms of losing weight. The only difference is that it asks you to attend Bible studies, prayer meetings, and even repent from the sin of overeating.

The main advantage of a Christian  weight   loss   program  is that it can provide you with a support group as a form of motivation. In a group, you are given extra tips, advice, and encouragement in losing weight.


There are, however, some disadvantages in joining a Christian  weight   loss   program . Programs like this can border on fanaticism. It can place pressure on you, leading to feelings of pressure and guilt if you do not achieve the desired weight.

Religion is also a moral concept that should not be taken lightly. Christians  weight   loss  groups strongly adhere to the belief that gluttony is a sin. According to them, overeating is an offense against God, and therefore so is being obese. Some Christian groups even go so far as to claim that what God wants is a size 6 body – something unhealthy in real life.

Christian vs secular  weight   loss 

What makes a Christian  weight   loss   program  different from a secular one? The answer is simply the religious aspect. However, the Christian belief that “your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit” can be translated to caring for your body – applicable to both Christians and non-Christians.

The aim of a Christian  weight   loss   program  is to exemplify Jesus and his healthy lifestyle. However, if you look closely, Jesus is a traveler. He mainly relies on food given to him by hospitable people visits. His diet consists mainly of fish, meat, and bread. Nowhere was he tempted by hamburgers or french fries.

Should they be trusted?

At present, there are no studies conducted claiming that the Christian approach to  weight   loss  is more effective compared to secular ones. However, for both Christian and non-Christian  weight   loss , you have to rely only on those that provide efficient, effective, and scientifically proven principles on losing  weight . Do not trust just any program, even Christian a one, which seem even the least bit far-fetched.

In the end, the best way to lose weight will always be to eat less and exercise more. Always consult a doctor or specialist before joining any  weight   loss   program . Do not be easily carried away just because it is religious.